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T'was a dream, a dream that started when I was a little boy and my brother never made it to an age of only two years old. When as a child I never minded being my self most of the very time and it never occurred to me what having a sibling would have surely been an amazing experience. Being by your self came with it's difficulty when your parents simply had child after child. I believe, that after Luca had died they attempted a good three times and two of the infants made it through birth. One of them, who had been named Jenevee was taken ill by the common cold.

T'was my only sister left who seemed to have stood by me yet without my desire to partake in any activity with her, for it was easy to do so, as my parents never even cared as much to look the way of my lonely feeling sibling. And as for their lack of care I point over to our nannies who were both named Beth and Evelyn. Simply delightful were those two and always rewarding us with sweets or my sibling hugs of affection and the kisses. After that I knew my sister did not need me anymore, and for once part of me thanked God she had someone.

T'was during my coming of age that with it came the poisonous revelation of our sickly world. Having left Frankford University and along with it my career in medicine, I went on to pursue more personal goals, to for once see just what it was my eyes were never wanting to be exposed to. My professor over at Frankford had told me before I left 'if horror is what you seek, now further than Prince's Quarters, which stood as I had come to figure a rather small part of town only the stretch of four or so blocks.

T'was here where the horror had come to enter my realm of cleanliness and prosperity. Having arrived by foot was the worst thing for my feet as my arch stays weakened. Yet tears simply flowed down my eyes when my feet were hurting, versus an old man who hadn't feet nor sight. Taking in the sights for myself, with the fumes of stench from the polluted air to houses only big enough barely for a bed and maybe an oak wood desk. People did not have beds nor an oak wood desk and nor did they have clean water, nor fresh food nor the knowledge of planting the most basic of crops.

T'was here my mind became clear and the beating thumps of my heart had opened me up inside, for here even the Devil cried 'mercy mercy mercy'. Staying I decided for a whole passing, a good seven Suns to simplify the term. There being nowhere for me to stay as my self preservation took over, my anxiety of even looking anyone here an eye. Later and just before dawn mind you a batch of armed guards from the Gillian Guild paraded their high horses around, from where I hid behind the tall walls of a house nearest of me.

T'was here the raiding occurred and the cursing in sin's tongue, the wives taken to what they called "proper treatment", with what the daughter tearing while the father intervened. All it even took was one swing of a blade and the poor man now lay in half. And so I beg for thee, 'mercy mercy mercy'. In all that exists beyond our world and in the hands of God I cry mercy for if you cannot guide me sleep softly that you have aided others.

T'was here that in the morning and having gathered the courage to muster up a bit of emotional strength, was where I walked over to where the poor man's daughter lay asleep with a careful dream in her mind surely. Prince's Quarters was my first pause in only wanting to help all of those who need it, this poor daughter mourning the sudden hurt to her family. Was not sure if the mother would ever return and while I hoped so this was my first step.

T'was here I ran back to Frankford and took the nearest carriage back to my father's mansion of grandeur. There I found my sibling as Beth and Evelyn too, and my father who only dined on mother's berry tarts, well I called to my parents and sibling and the nannies, to give forward my thought. Three goals suffice to say, were my options till then, to expand the mansion not twice but three times the size if possible to allow the most room, privacy, and pure goodliness for all of Prince's Quarters.

T'was here they founded themselves disgusted, and to exaggerate a truth I shall say they spat in my face. They refused, as well as donating our riches towards medical professionals or at least give towards cleaner water or perhaps even mercenaries at the very least, to protect and serve against the Gillian Guild. All were consider idiotic and I left in anger. Finding myself back in Prince's Quarters, I caught eye of the poor daughter, who only roamed around in eyes swollen from the constant cries, And wearing a robe of cloth to shield from the sun.

T'was here I could start it all, and only in making maximum effort in baby steps will I most succeed. Approaching the poor daughter I found her to be never look me in the eye. Having seen what I had, I said the only thing there was to be seen was the care I have for you and all in this place. Yet she still beckoned me to stop the toying with her.

T'was here where I said to her, the only thing I can offer is my heart and if God permits, the nurture one deserves. In being discreet towards my family about it I brought fruits and rice along with meats and breads dipped in oil. Shared with her the greatest works of literature there could be found in my father's personal study. Where I instructed her on how to bathe herself properly and to trust in helping others.

T'was here she was brought back from the brink of death and sorrow and brought into the arms of love and caring. To heal the world I told her was the best gift one could be blessed with. And it was here she smiled and through her eyes I could see the angels. And through her thanks I heard God himself.
Story Type: fiction

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